Bowling Ball Drilling

Pittsburgh’s premiere bowlers pro shop offers professional experience and a fully stocked show room, custom fitting, and drilling!

Custom Fitting and Drilling

Selecting the right ball for your situation is important. Measuring your hand for the best fit is even more important. If you are considering investing in a new ball, it would be helpful to email or call the shop to set up an appointment.  Some of the custom fitting we offer:

  • Performance Drilling with Switch Grips
  • Traditional drilling on a “Blank Ball”
  • Finger Inserts
  • Thumb with Inserts
  • Nick and chip repairs
  • Hole repairs

Surface Adjustments
Ball not performing like it did out of the box? It may be time to make some adjustments. Manufactures recommend a full resurface after 30 games. 

  • Oil extraction
  • Ball resurfacing
  • Ball cleaning
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