Track KINETIC Bowling Ball
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The new DR-6 Hybrid coverstock offers Track’s strongest down lane motion in the mid performance category. Its angular characteristics are perfect for any medium oil condition or broken down lane pattern.


The Modified Kinetic core is back by popular demand. This low RG, medium differential and low MB core stores energy longer and uses it quicker than Track’s other mid performance cores. You wont find an asymmetric core for this price anywhere!


The extremely popular Kinetic series is back with the modified Kinetic core wrapped in the all new DR-6 Hybrid cover. This new Kinetic is at an all new price point, making it the most engine for your money.


Coverstock: DR- Hybrid
Core: Modified Kinetic
Color: Emerald/ Black
Finish: 500/1000 Abralon, Factory Finish Polish
Lane Condition: Medium Oil
Reaction: Length w/ Strong Backend
Available Weights: 12-16

        RG.   Diff.
16# 2.51  .036
15# 2.49  .038
14# 2.48  .041
13# 2.53  .055
12# 2.60  .039


  • Bowling Ball:
  • Item #: TRK150

Track KINETIC Bowling Ball

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