DV8 DIVA STYLE Bowling Ball
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Ball Motion
All Purpose.

Lane Condition
Ideal for Medium Oil.

Core: Type: Diva
Coverstock: Composite Pearl
Finishing Steps: 500 Siaair / Crown Factory Compound
Weights: 10-16 lbs.
Asymmetrical Diff. 0.001 @ 15 lbs.
RG Min: 2.516 @ 15 lbs.
RG Differential: 0.052 @ 15 lbs

Ball Maintenance

To reduce oil absorption and remove dirt from the surface of the ball, clean your ball with a cleaner designed for reactive bowling balls after each session.


Two years from date of purchase.




  • Bowling Ball:
  • Item #: 60-105883

DV8 DIVA STYLE Bowling Ball

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