Columbia 300 TYRANT PEARL
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Columbia 300 TYRANT PEARL


NEW REFLEX PEARL HST - The Reflex Solid HST was such a huge success that we just had to inject our HyperSHOCK Technology into a pearl version. The results were astounding. Never before has a high performance, pearl, bowling ball offered length with so much control.


Weights: 12-16lb
Core: Tyrant
Cover: Reflex Pearl HST
Color: Black/ Blue/ Silver
Finish: 500 / 1000 AbralonTM Power House Factory Finish Polish
Conditions: Medium to Heavy Oil
Reaction: Strong and Continuous
Mass Bias: 0.011



         RG   DIFF
16lb 2.49 0.049
15lb 2.48 0.056
14lb 2.50 0.055 
13lb 2.53 0.055
12lb 2.60 0.039



  • Bowling Ball:
  • Item #: CA178

Columbia 300 TYRANT PEARL

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