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Greensburg Open


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26th Greensburg Open
March  8th-15th-22nd 2015


Heat's has a full line of Bowling Balls, Bowling Bags, Bowling Shoes and Bowling Accessories

Heatís is located in the heart of downtown Greensburg, inside the Main Bowling Center.

We pride ourselves on serving the areas bowling community.

We serve the Recreational Novice, Fun League, Competitive League, High School, College and
Tournament Athlete, In Equipment selection and Coaching.

Specializing in Custom Ball Fit, Drilling, and Layout.
We check four crucial components in your game
1. Your Ball speed  2. Your Revolutions   3. The Balls Axis Tilt   4. The Balls Axis Rotation
This is how we determine what to recommend and how and where to drill the bowling ball.
Simply put, "We fit the game ball to you!"

No Matter what your skill level of play, we can help your game.

Jim Heater, Owner and Operator with over 30 years experience.
Jim is also a U.S.B.C. Certified Bowling Instructor
Private and Group lessons available.

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